♥-» ×MiSTiCaL→ DeSiRe× (lucky_stxr) wrote in hotpussy_cats,
♥-» ×MiSTiCaL→ DeSiRe×

i was used as a hair model for a conference for hair stylist. the chopped most my hair out and added yellow, blue and purple...... [that was a month 1/2 ago or so] i went a week ago and got it colored and cut again. this is how it all went thru.....

[pics of my hair also of me hanging around...... ]

35 photos..... so i'm sorry if it takes a while to upload....

hope you like my new hair style. cause i don't have my colors anymore.... I went back cause obviously after a while they started faiting so i needed another change,,,,

letme know what you think. i know i look butchy, but i'm trying to dress more femenine so that i don't look very tomb boy

He's gay so don't bitch about me putting pics of a guy grabbing my boob.

power puff girls [pu puff girls .lol.]

we were all sitting on the windows on our way to the river. That's why my hair's like that

and this is my hair now:

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