♥-» ×MiSTiCaL→ DeSiRe× (lucky_stxr) wrote in hotpussy_cats,
♥-» ×MiSTiCaL→ DeSiRe×

hello! y'all may think i'm new. which i'm not. this is sexyelektra and in my old account i used to have all the codes! I kinda lost em all. so i was thinking if any of you could help me out with the simple freaking lj cut that doesn't seem to be very easy no more. lol.

How the fuck do i LJ cut something????? it's not just only writing lj-cut and with the <> and at the end <> and /ljcut

i mean the one with the < =""> so that i can write smething where ppl click on it... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh can''t find it mother fucker!!!!!! help me
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